Price And Use Of Cake Display Cabinet

- Jan 03, 2018 -

The cake display cabinet is mainly the refrigeration system is the fresh-keeping part. It is necessary to consider the performance of the cake display cabinet, the brand, the quality and the selection of the unit, and the arrangement of the draining fan is all we need to pay attention to. These configurations are all well configured by the manufacturer, and we can pay attention to whether the next configuration is reasonable or not with good performance components.

There are 2 kinds of insulation materials used in cake display cabinet, polyurethane insulation board and polystyrene insulation board, different thermal insulation materials have different prices. At present, polyurethane thermal insulation board is the most commonly used thermal insulation board is also the construction of cold storage commonly used materials. Polyurethane insulation board has good thermal insulation effect, long service life, low power consumption and high energy efficiency. Polystyrene insulation board price is cheaper than polyurethane material, suitable for room temperature and high temperature cupcake. The cost of cake cabinet is saved, and the effect of energy saving is relatively poor. So we must pay attention to the use of cake.

The cake display cabinet is well maintained, not only to save unnecessary electricity, but also to prolong the service life of the cake display cabinet. It can also keep the best cooling effect of the cupcake and save the maintenance cost.

The 1. cake display cabinet needs to have more than 100mm space, which is good for the condenser to be well ventilated, so as to ensure the good cooling effect of the equipment.

2. the power supply of the cupcake display cabinet must be powered by a special line, and the socket is reliably grounded. When the power supply voltage fluctuates greatly, it is necessary to install the regulator with more than 5 times the whole power.

3. cake display cabinet should be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria from breeding, and the cleanliness of the cake display cabinet should be paid attention to.

4., the cake display cabinet should be specially managed. We should always pay attention to the operation of the equipment. If we find abnormal situations, we should check in time. Major problems should be overhauled by professionals, and timely contacted with the manufacturer's maintenance department.

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