How To Maintain Commercial Refrigerator And Working Well?

- Jun 26, 2018 -

A kitchen commercial freezer is a big event, which means that everyone's profit will grow bigger and bigger, and the income will be much better than before. The useful life of a kitchen commercial refrigerator is the same as other things. Generally speaking, the service life of a commercial kitchen refrigerator with good quality is almost 3-5 years. The length of service life of the kitchen commercial refrigerator is not only related to its own quality, but also related to the usual maintenance of the person using it. A pot of flowers, buy it back to look good, but if you buy it and put it on the balcony, regardless of whether it is not asked, it will certainly wither for a few days; if you buy it back, take good care of it, fertilize it and water it. The time it takes to live is definitely much longer than it would be without asking, and so is the kitchen commercial refrigerator.

So, how to make the kitchen commercial refrigerator freezer to extend the service life?

What should we do at this point?

Here are some of the ways to maintain the kitchen commercial freezer:

1.After the arrival of the commercial refrigerator in the kitchen, the purchase user shall check the random accessories in the commercial freezer after unpacking the box, and check whether the accessories of the kitchen commercial freezer other than the cabinet are complete or not. The box was missed.

2. the new kitchen commercial freezer arrived after the installation of the box does not immediately power after use, be sure to stay in the kitchen commercial freezer 30 minutes or an hour can be connected to the power above.

3. in the kitchen commercial freezer after use for some time with a soft cloth or sponge, drowning or soap (non-corrosive neutral detergent can be) on the kitchen commercial freezer cleaning, after cleaning and wipe with a dry cloth, Clean up the kitchen commercial freezer according to the frequency of the use of commercial freezers in your kitchen.

4. the kitchen commercial refrigerators need to pay attention to electricity lines, must use a separate and dedicated socket and a safe and reliable grounding line.

5. merchants need to check whether the power supply is in compliance with 220V/50HZ (187-242V) before the commercial refrigerator is installed in the kitchen. If the voltage exceeds the corresponding standard, an automatic voltage regulator with more than 1000W must be installed for safe use.

6. the kitchen commercial refrigerator outside the power cord, if you need to lengthen the power cord, you must use the power cord diameter greater than 0.75 square mm above the wire.

7. kitchen commercial refrigerators need to pay attention to keep the kitchen commercial freezer enough cooling space, and the necessary dust-proof measures during the use of the condenser, as well as regularly clean the air filter and condenser.

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