How To Diagnose And Solve The Freezer

- Jan 03, 2018 -

The refrigeration and preservation of food is particularly important for our commercial icebox. Once a refrigerator fails or fails to refrigerate, it will directly affect our business plan and cause serious economic losses. Our lives are also seriously affected, for example, what we have frozen is going to deteriorate, and so on.

How do we deal with this situation? The following small editor simply give you an analysis, I hope to help you all.

1, the temperature of the refrigerated chamber of a direct cooling freezer with a single unit and two temperatures (a compressor controls two temperature zones) is automatically adjusted with the temperature adjustment of the freezer, and the temperature of the refrigerating room can be adjusted down. The temperature of the general refrigerated room is 4-10 degrees. Notice the greater the number of the temperature controller, the lower the temperature, the larger the summer numbers and the smaller the winter numbers. In addition, the ice cabinet door is often added, and there are more items in the freezer, which results in the uncooling effect of the freezer or the refrigeration effect is not ideal. Too much frost can also affect the effect of refrigeration.

2. The temperature controller of the freezer is installed in the refrigerator, and the temperature of the refrigerator does not meet the temperature control device for the temperature so that it does not stop. If the compressor does not stop day and night, the freezer may cause the refrigerant limit refrigeration temperature. Most of this happens in cold refrigerator freezer.  The reason is that the evaporator frosting in the refrigerator is broken and the ice is blocked. It can not be ruled out that the air-cooled fan is bad, or that there are too many items in the freezer that will be blocked by the vent, causing the bad cooling effect.

3, check whether the power supply voltage is lower than 187 volts with multimeter, because the normal use voltage of electric freezer is 187V to 242V according to the national standard (except manufacturer's instructions), and the compressor which is below 187 volt electric freezer can't get effective normal startup.

4, open the door of the refrigerated room and see if the light in the box is bright, so as to determine whether the power supply of the electric refrigerator is connected. If the lamp is not lit by the power plug or pen multimeter to check if the power socket has electricity, electric refrigerator is good plug.

5, the reason that the ice cabinet is not refrigerated may be the problem of the refrigerator compressor. The compressor can start, remove and return the gas pipe, and check the pressure when the fingers are blocking the outlet. If it is too low, there will be a problem in the compressor. The compressor can't start. Check the power supply of the freezer.

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