How To Choose To Buy Commercial Freezer

- Jan 03, 2018 -

For supermarkets, special refrigerators must be selected, because supermarkets and shopping malls and other places are in bad environment, frequent start up and long running time. So when choosing, they must choose a good commercial freezer, and how to choose commercial freezers.

One, the choice of the brand of the commercial refrigerator. Why should we choose from the brand for the first time? Because a brand reflects the comprehensive level of an enterprise, it is usually a sign of product quality assurance and reputation. Smart consumers according to their own needs, from a performance point of view to choose the price than the supermarket fresh cabinet, neither superstition is not the blind pursuit of brand-name goods. In fact, people choose to choose a brand from a brand after the after-sales service to measure. A good brand will have its own enterprise is a set of customer service standards of service, customer service service selection of good products is very necessary may from the maintenance cost, warranty period, repair rate, comprehensive and thoughtful service of real factors to measure the manufacturer's customer service service level.

Two, the refrigerating mode of commercial refrigerator has two kinds, one is direct cooling (Frost) two is air cooling type (no frost). The cold storage cabinet has good preservative and moisturizing properties, and the price is relatively cheap, but it needs to be defrosted often. The air-cooled (frost free) fresh-keeping cabinet freezer is automatically defrosting, and the temperature inside the cabinet is even. The larger the volume, the more uniform the cooling capacity is, the more outstanding the effect of freezing is, but the price is more expensive than the direct cooling freezer. From the freezer temperature control in three ways, the most commonly used computer control, storage cabinet adopts dual temperature control technology, can accurately measure the actual temperature of the disinfecting box, the whole process to achieve full computer control, so as to ensure the fresh cabinet can keep food fresh and nutritious.

Three, commercial refrigerators are durable consumer goods, so the choice of reliable commercial refrigerators. When measuring the quality of supermarket preservative cabinet, it may be considered from the angle of raw material mining. The selection of components, especially the key parts, has great influence on the service life of the cabinet. The high quality cabinet usually adopts high quality components, such as pure copper pipe and imported coated steel plate, so as to ensure the life of the refrigeration system and the antirust ability of the fresh cabinet.

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