How Much Is The Humidity In The Cake Showcase

- Jan 03, 2018 -

The cake display cabinet set the humidity about how much is appropriate, the cake made in the normal shelf life of only three days, it is easy to change visible damage, so the cake shop will be frozen to keep refrigerated cake cake taste unchanged, not only need the temperature in the cabinet, but also has certain requirements for humidity, otherwise the cake in the display cabinet is easy to be dried, so under normal circumstances, we should set to showcase how much moisture it.

The cake display cabinet in humidity is an important index to keep fresh cake, if the humidity inside the cabinet is too low will have occurred dry phenomenon, especially easy to happen in the summer, under the banner of the Oriental freezer is used on air, can make the inside corners of uniform temperature, the cake will not deterioration due to high or low temperature.

If the humidity inside the cabinet is too dry and easy to make cake is softened or deterioration, but also easy to bacterial infection, all we have to keep the temperature and humidity in the cabinet, between 85% and 95% can be, so you can make the cake at the proper humidity, cake can be kept fresh.

The weather is getting hotter now, and the frequency of refrigerated display cabinets is also increasing. But it can play a role of fresh-keeping, not only can make the cake do not deteriorate, nor will the cake lose its nutrition.

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