Five Major Items For The Maintenance Of The Horizontal Refrigerator

- Jan 03, 2018 -

The horizontal refrigerator should be maintained and maintained at the same time, so that the refrigerator can be used for a long time. To measure the life of the refrigerator, it is very important to do the maintenance of the horizontal refrigerator well. It is necessary to pay attention to some items and maintain the maintenance skills in the use of the refrigerator. Not only the living life of the horizontal refrigerator is guaranteed, but even the failure rate of the refrigerator is reduced.

First, no matter what kind of refrigerator, it is not allowed to keep the hot food in the refrigerator. Because the temperature of the hot food will freeze the water in the freezer to form ice, which results in a certain amount of water in the freezer, which will also cause the temperature rise in the freezer, causing some malfunctions and unnecessary power consumption of the refrigeration system.

Two, the horizontal refrigerators can not be placed too much food. Because there are no gaps between them, it will lead to very difficult air circulation, which will affect the convection of cold air, which will increase the load of compressor units and reduce the life of refrigerators.

Three, the horizontal refrigerator must keep cleaning. When the refrigerator is used for a long time, it is hard to avoid the smell and should keep the health. Food storage time, temperature requirements, and not put some food on the surface of the freezer, preferably some containers to flourish, so that not only pay attention to hygiene, but also to refrigerate cabinet maintenance.

Four. Refrigerated cabinet can be divided into two kinds of cooling methods: direct cooling and air cooling. The wind cooler can automate the frost, or the button can be made by manual frosting or stop frosting. When the surface frost of the evaporator is about 8MM thick, the cooling effect will be affected. The power shutdown defrosting should be cut off in time. (do not use sharp metal to remove frost layer to avoid leaking evaporator)

Five, regular observation of condenser, condenser when product have too much dirt or grease when will seriously affect the cooling effect, users are advised to wash once 2 - 3 months. Cleaning method: remove plug, plastic film package electrical components and inserting place. Cleaning the dirt can be compressed air or tap water.

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