5 Quick Tips About Refrigerator Repair

- Jun 27, 2018 -


1. Lack of refrigerant: The refrigeration system of the refrigeration equipment is operating normally. The cooling effect is poor. The high-pressure exhaust pressure is lower than the normal value, and the low-pressure return pressure is lower or lower than the normal value. The condenser is not hot or slightly warmer than normal. When replenishing the refrigerant, a large cubic freezer cabinet filter is connected in series between the process port and the refrigerant cylinder connecting pipe valve. It is used to filter out the impurities and residual moisture in the refrigerant. It can prevent the occurrence of ice blocking. The filter can be reused after drying or replacing the blue silica gel by 75 °C ~100 °C.

 2.  Replacement of refrigerating machine oil: In the refrigeration cycle system , when maintaining and replacing the refrigerating machine oil, the refrigerating machine oil induction cooker can be heated to 100° C. and kept at a constant temperature for a period of time. After the residual oil in the refrigerating machine oil is volatilized, it is replaced and replaced. Prevents the production of ice jams. When the temperature of the refrigerating machine oil is warmed, no open flame is allowed and the workplace must be well ventilated. Take care of the environment. Do not dump the waste oil.

 3. Replace the compressor group: Refrigeration cycle system . When maintaining and replacing the compressor group, it is necessary to pour or release the freezer oil in the compressor group. To dry the freezer oil, the freezer oil must be sucked into the compressor group at 75 °C. Increase and decrease, close the gas return port and process. Start the compressor unit for a period of time. Use the hot high temperature and negative pressure generated by the compressor unit to run off the residual moisture in the compressor group and discharge it, and then quickly complete the assembly.

 4. Recirculation system piping problems: First replace the damaged pipe section and/or missing weld repairs. Re-tighten and tighten the loosely threaded joints. To ensure that the pipeline pressure test without leaking. The high-pressure section and the low-pressure section of the refrigeration cycle system are flushed with carbon tetrachloride and sealed with nitrogen gas for later use.

 5. There is also a method: the leaking point repairs the non-leakage circulating system pipeline by 75 °C ~ 100 °C drying and vacuuming at the same time to make the residual water volatilize and discharge, the compressor group must be strictly processed and replaced with a new filter. Sealing and unpacking of the refrigerating cycle system to be used and rapid assembly of the compressor group are completed. Recharging of the refrigerant is repeated, and waiting for five minutes (waiting for the static balance of pressure in the high-pressure zone and the low-pressure zone of the refrigeration cycle system).

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