How to chose a system for the refrigerator?

- Apr 20, 2018 -

The refrigerant (working fluid) absorbs the heat of the outside (cooled material) in the evaporator and evaporates into gas to enter the compressor. The gas is compressed by the compressor and the temperature rises. The gas discharged from the compressor enters the condenser and is cooled to a liquid. When the refrigerant liquid exiting the condenser flows through the throttle body, the pressure and temperature are reduced to become a two-phase mixture composed of gas and liquid, and then enter the evaporator to absorb the heat of the objects around the evaporator, so that the temperature of the evaporator is reduced. To achieve the purpose of refrigeration.


  • Large cooling capacity

  • Disadvantages: a noise (compressor operation)

  • Which will generate certain greenhouse gas emissions due to strong refrigeration, also called greenhouse effect, are unfavorable to the living environment and lack of green the true meaning of environmental protection. The true meaning of environmental protection.

  • Afraid of vibration, tilt

  • Diffusion - Absorption refrigeration

Rely on the "ternary solution" - water (absorbent), ammonia (working substance), ammonia (diffuse agent) in a fully enclosed system through the power source, the heat pump for the power cycle to achieve refrigeration, also known as mooring Deng - Mengtal system.


  • A longer compressor refrigeration life

  • no noise

  • no pollution

  • Disadvantages: a, power consumption (usually 1.5 degrees / 24 hours)

  • The cooling speed is slow (generally the cooling purpose parameter is reached in 3 hours)

  •  Large volume and small space cooling range due to the large volume of the system

  • Inconvenient maintenance (closed system) The structure of the refrigeration system is complex (the refrigeration system must be manually completed)

Also known as "electronic refrigeration, weak temperature differential cooling," a special cooling method using thermoelectric cooling, when the DC power passes through the thermocouple circuit, it will cause one end of the thermocouple to cool down and absorb heat, and the other end heats up and heats up. To achieve the "heating" purpose is a new type of fluorine-free cooling element.


  • A longer compressor refrigeration life (usually 20 years or so)

  •  No noise (operation without sound)

  •  no pollution (without any chemical agents)

  • Not afraid of vibration, high reliability

  • Energy saving (0.45 degrees / 24 hours)

  • Disadvantages: The cooling temperature can not reach zero, only fresh, can not freeze!

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