The refrigerator can keep the food fresh and nutritious

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Now the rapid development of the refrigeration industry, refrigerator machine also slowly improved, but prices are doing a great promotion and benefits to the user, computer temperature control refrigerator with dual temperature control technology, can accurately measure the actual temperature of the box body and the information will be sent to the central control of paternity, the whole process to achieve full computer control, thus to ensure real refrigerator keep constant low temperature pit ring.

When the refrigerator is in use, its working time and power consumption are greatly influenced by the ambient temperature. So we need to choose different gears in different seasons. This will cause the press to run for a long time in the high temperature, and the power consumption will rise sharply, that is, it is not economical and unreasonable.

Refrigerator freezer room temperature controller to control the temperature of the refrigerator and the freezing temperature, due to technical requirements of control between 0 ~ 10 degrees, usually in the refrigerator freezer environment in winter is relatively low, easy to reach the set temperature, if the set temperature is too high, easy to produce short working time lead to refrigerating effect is not up to the winter, but if the environment the temperature is low, mainly to ensure the cooling effect of freezing. In general, if the ambient temperature is below 16 degrees, to the 5 gear, lower than 10 degrees, it can be transferred to the 6 or 7 gear. Sometimes, because the temperature of the environment is too low, such as 0~5 degree, and the position of the gear is frozen, the food can be stored outside the cabinet.

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