The refrigeration principle of the kitchen refrigerated display cabinet

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Chilled kitchen cabinet, similar refrigerators we must have seen in life, small supermarkets, restaurants, and so on. This refrigerator can not only display goods but also freeze food. It is not only practical, but also good to attract consumers. What is the refrigeration principle of this refrigerator? That's to tell you.

High temperature and high pressure gas produced by the compressor arthorn after the machine through the fan to remove heat, high temperature and high pressure gas by cooling after a post it liquid, liquid through the expansion valve after decompression into the internal machine evaporator heat circulating fan inside the machine will be delivered to the designated position of air conditioning, low temperature and low pressure gas after evaporation returned to the compressor, so the cycle.

In this way, the refrigerator display cabinet in the hotel kitchen has its refrigeration effect. This kind of refrigerator is also of great significance in the application of the real business. Especially in the hot summer. During the summer work, study and activities, sweat evaporation will make people feel thirsty, but when we look at a variety of drinks displayed in the freezer at the roadside, we will stimulate people's appetite and thirst, so they will buy drinks and bring profits to businesses.

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