Share how to freezer maintenance

- Jan 03, 2018 -

1, when the voltage range is 187-242V voltage instability, please use a voltage regulator over five times power; the ice cabinet is generally used as a single phase alternating current of 220V50HZ.

2, the current capacity of the socket and power supply line should not be less than the A number stipulated by our company. The power supply must use independent sockets. The socket must be reliably grounded.

3, do not throw items into the cabinet, the cabinet should be placed light and light when storing the articles. In order to avoid damage to the inner wall;

4. When the operation reaches the stable state, the freezer should run for 1-2 hours when the freezer is used for the first time. Then put in the food and start the machine.

5, the food should not be placed too close to the vent, and the appropriate clearance should be retained when the goods are placed, and the space near the wall of the cabinet should be kept in a certain distance. In favor of cold air convection, the temperature is uniform.

6. It is beneficial to the cooling effect of the ventilator to protect the equipment; at least 100MM space is left in front of the cabinet.

7. It should not be used directly by the sun or in the oven, and the temperature of the cabinet should be lower than 35.

8, the number of open doors should be reduced as much as possible to save electricity and shorten the opening time.

9, generally do not need to adjust, the ice cabinet when the factory temperature has been adjusted and locked.

10, the refrigerator will stop running into defrosting state, and the defrosting of the machine is automatically controlled by the microcomputer. The refrigerator automatically performs the refrigeration operation at the end of the defrosting.

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