Kitchen four freezer selection method

- Jan 03, 2018 -

With the improvement of living standard, fridge has become the necessities of the family, and the modern family has more and more requirements for the capacity of the refrigerator. Therefore, the four fridge of the kitchen has become the choice of many families. The first is because the four door freezer looks very beautiful, generous, got a lot of young people, secondly, four kitchen door freezer capacity is relatively large, modern requirements for food classification of the refrigerator is relatively high, and large capacity on the kitchen four door freezer is to meet the needs of the people. So, in the selection of four kitchen cabinet is what to pay attention to it?

Two door vertical stainless steel glass door refrigerator

1. Understand different refrigerating modes

The air-cooled freezer can automatically defrost and keep the inner wall of the freezer not frosting. Nowadays, the middle and high-end freezer is generally air-cooled, and the price is higher than that of the direct cooling freezer. Most of the middle and low end refrigerators are direct cold refrigerators, the general direct cold refrigerator price is cheaper than the wind cold.

2. Look at the fresh-keeping effect and freezing ability of the freezer

The main function of the kitchen refrigerator is to ensure the freshness of the refrigerated food, so the effect of the fresh-keeping is an important basis for choosing and buying.  According to scientific analysis, in order to keep food fresh, on the one hand, it needs constant temperature and strong freezing force inside the freezer, and on the other hand, we need to keep the fresh air in the freezer fresh. Because only the strong freezing force can achieve the goal of food storage effectively. Therefore, in the selection of kitchen freezers, the freezing force of freezer must be raised to a high level.

3. Purchase according to the power consumption of the freezer

Besides the quality and function factors, the purchase of modern electrical equipment should pay more attention to whether the electric appliance itself is energy efficient, which can not only reduce its own economic expenses, but also ensure the long service life of electrical appliances. So it is the most sensible thing for hotels and restaurants to choose a kitchen freezer with less power consumption.

4. Look after the after-sale service

When choosing commercial freezers, we should choose regular manufacturers or brands that are proved by time and good after-sales service, which is a reassuring guarantee for product quality and after sale.

In the process of buying four kitchen cabinets in the kitchen, if we follow the above points, I believe that the vast majority of consumers can buy their own products.

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