How to maintain a commercial kitchen equipment and refrigerator?

- Jul 24, 2018 -

We’re almost familiar with the usage of commercial refrigerators ,  but we know little about maintenance. In fact, Regular maintenance is useful for prolonging the service life of refrigerator.   

Top 6 tips on maintaining the commercial refrigerator

1、Stainless steel kitchen refrigerator and freezer should be placed far away from the heat source as well as not being exposed directly to sunlight.

2、Clean the refrigerator at least twice per year. Before the cleaning, please cut off the power supply, dip a piece of soft cloth into the water with detergent, gently use the cloth to wipe the refrigerator down, and then wipe the detergent up. 

3、 For preventing the outer coated layer and inner plastic parts of the refrigerator from damage, do not clean it with washing powders, sourcing powders, talcum powder, Alkaline detergent, boiled water, oil, brush, etc. 

4、After cleaning, plug the power supply firmly in and check if the temperature controller is set in the correct position. 

5、Attention should be paid if a kitchen cabinet and stainless steel refrigerator produce a peculiar smell. If the smell has been produced, it should be eliminated in time. If the exterior dirt of refrigerator components has greatly accumulated, components should be detached and washed using clean water or detergent. The surface of electrical parts shall be wiped by a dry cloth.

6、If kitchen cabinet, stainless steel kitchen freezer, and kitchen freezer haven’t been used for a long time, the power plug should be unplugged and the inside of refrigerator should be wiped clean. Shut the door after the inside has been completely dry.

Ailipush kitchen facilities : If kitchen commercial refrigerator can be appropriately maintained, service life will be greatly prolonged and unnecessary loss and trouble could be significantly reduced.

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