How to clean and maintain beverage refrigerator?

- Aug 10, 2018 -

How to clean and maintain beverage refrigerator?


If there is not much food in the beverage display refrigerator , a slightly large beverage bottle with salty water in can be put in it to balance the inside temperature difference,  so that we could reduce the frequency of turning on the compressor which is good for prolonging the service life of the compressor.

If the beverage display refrigerator is freely open during business hours, it should avoid being blown directly by electric fans or air-conditioner. Curtains should be drawn during non-business hours.

The finned condenser should be cleaned with a brush approximately once a month so that heat dissipation effect will be improved. 

Generally speaking, the beverage display refrigerator is under the steel plate, hence beverage showcase should be placed in a well-ventilated position. The dust outside the showcase should be wiped up in time so that the cooling effect will be better and the aim of electric-saving can be achieved. After the beverage showcase has worked for a long time, the liner of the beverage showcase might easily get frosting, for that reason we should defrost the showcase about once a week which will improve the cooling effect.   Click here find more details.

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