How to check the refrigerator in the kitchen appliances is correct

- Jan 03, 2018 -

In the kitchen now, there are more and more kitchen appliances. Whether the kitchen four freezers, kitchen showcase or other household appliances are gradually appearing in the kitchen. Many people have some questions about the kitchen appliances that you want to buy now. I don't know how to choose and how to look at the quality of the products.

(1) check the appearance of the refrigerator and look at the door of the box first. The box door should be square without distortion, and the surface of the box should be smooth and nondestructive. Look at the box behind the condenser, capillary and compressor has no trauma, pipeline without being squashed, welding whether oil or sealing off department.

(2) check whether the door seal of the electric refrigerating cabinet is tightly closed while closing the box door. Meanwhile, the paper is clamped at the door gap of the box door. If the paper is tightly clamped, it will not slide itself, indicating that the magnetic door of the freezer is sealed well.


(3) check that the bulb of the lamp in the refrigerated cabinet should be intact. After opening the door of the refrigerator, the lights will be lit immediately, and the lights on the freezer doors should be automatically extinguished.

(4) the most important thing is to observe the performance of the main components of the refrigerator compressor and so on when the compressor is checked and bought for the electric refrigerator. If allowed, two refrigerated cabinets can be tested at the same time.

After that, it should be helpful for some consumers who are planning to purchase. Now the kitchen appliances can not be bought at will. Who will know what the products are like? They are not reliable in safety.

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