How should the idle freezer be maintained

- Jan 03, 2018 -

In winter, the use of refrigeration equipment will be reduced a lot, so some people will store these non use refrigeration equipment, so we should pay attention to the storage area, so that there will be no problems when it is used again. So what should be good to keep the kitchen four door ice cabinet, order cabinets. Today, with the kitchen workbench manufacturers to look at the maintenance of the freezer

1. Decontamination and dust removal. After unpluning the power plug of the freezer, remove the food, and after the frost is finished, clean the refrigerator interior with soft cotton cloth dipped in neutral detergent, and disinfect the box with 2% ethylene oxide solution. After cleaning and disinfecting, open the box door, dry it and close the door after it is dried. No organic solvent such as hot water or benzene can be used for scrubbing. When wiping the condenser behind the refrigerator, be careful to wipe away the dust with a soft dry cloth. 2, adjust the knob. Twist the thermostat knob in the freezer to the "stop" or "1" position, so that it is basically in a natural state. 3, maintain the door seal. The door sealing strip of the freezer has magnetic and is not open for a long time. It is easy to be pressed with the box. Therefore, after the refrigerator is discontinued, apply some talcum powder on the box door glue seal and close the door again. 4. Rational storage. The freezer should be placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight, away from the fire or heat. If the position is moved, the stability of the refrigerator should be paid attention to. Because there is moisture in the room, do not cover the refrigerator with plastic cloth to cover the dust.  Because the plastic cloth is breathable, the tide is not easy to go in, easy to cause corrosion of the metal parts of the refrigerator. 5, on a regular basis. During the shutdown of the electric freezer, it is better to power up once a month, so that the compressor can run for 2~4 hours, so as to keep the refrigerating pipeline open and make the refrigerator compressor operate flexibly. After the power shutdown, the water vapor in the refrigerator should be dried with soft cloth to prevent corrosion.

Only this way can we make do not have quality problems in the process of using, can play the role of good, so for our life is not what kind of impact, so when the equipment is not used in the maintenance will be played attention.

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