How does a refrigerator compressor work?

- May 02, 2018 -

The compressor serves as a key component in the refrigeration system.

  • Refrigeration system: A combination of components that transfer heat from one place to another. Understand how the system operates

  • Coolant: Responsible for heat exchange between internal and external environments.

  • Condenser: Transfer the heat from the coolant to the outside environment.

  • Evaporator: Transfer heat from the internal environment to the coolant.

The compressor is the "heart" of the refrigeration system and it is responsible for the circulation of the coolant in the entire refrigeration system. When the coolant is liquid, it is in a gaseous state. Check the working simulation of the refrigeration system.

During the refrigeration of the refrigerator, the compressor obtains a gaseous coolant from the evaporator and delivers it to the condenser, which liquefies the gaseous coolant and removes heat from the system.

Compressors are used in domestic refrigeration, like domestic refrigerators or freezers. It can also be applied to commercial refrigeration, such as refrigeration equipment in restaurants, bars, and other commercial facilities.

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