Do the cake freezer really turn off the machine at night

- Jan 03, 2018 -

In fact, the cake refrigerator at night is not a very good thing, the starting point is good, but the role is not very big. And the cabinet is not working every minute, because after the cabinet reaches a certain temperature, it will suspend the work and no longer run. When the temperature becomes higher, the temperature is higher than the original set, it will continue to work for the cabinet cooling, but at night the temperature is generally not too high, but rarely open the door, the hot air will not enter into the cabinet, the temperature change in the cabinet will not be too large, so the night work cabinet is not a long time, the electricity is very small.

If every time we turn off the power at night, the temperature in the cabinet will become high, up to second days to boot the temperature in the cooling cabinet, cabinet work this time will be lengthened, electricity consumption will naturally increase, in fact it does not reduce the amount of electricity, but will increase the power consumption. It takes a certain time to cool down in the cabinet, especially in the summer time. People like to drink frozen drinks. If this is done, they may affect the business in the store. On the other hand, the life of the switchgear often affects the life of the cabinet. Generally speaking, it is not necessary for the switchgear to have a bad effect on the cabinet.

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